I-Square for Real Estate Agents.

The internet has created a remarkable "sameness" within the real estate industry.  Every agent website pushes the same generic, impersonal content that every other real estate site is providing.  Making the type of unique impression that can win a client via the internet, is virtually impossible - that is, until now.

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I-Square for Insurance Professionals.

Most consumers are under-insured and desperately need assistance.  Yet, most do not take the time to focus on insurance issues as they ought.  I-Square is the solution.

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I-Square for other business professionals.

Do you feel your business could benefit from the I-Square concept?  Give us a call to discuss the possibility further!

Smartly build your business with new I-Square concepts.

Create new business by capitalizing on the way consumers use the internet today.


  • "This is long overdue.  We absolutely love I-Square!"

    Kay, RE/MAX Broker, Team leader, Southern CA

  • "I still can't get my mind around the unbelievable value this is.  I am very, very pleased"

    Steve, Insurance Broker, NV

  • "Wow.   I didn't know anything like this even existed!"

    Maria, Independent Real Estate Broker, AZ

  • "Can I represent this product for you?  I could sell a ton!"

    Xavier, Insurance Broker, TX

  • "I get it.  Excellent product."

    Mary Ann, Real Estate Agent VA

  • "An obvious need.  A real no-brainer."

    Harold, Insurance Broker, TX

  • "You helped me have my "aha" moment today, and now I finally get it, so thank you!  After we got off the phone, I thought of a gazillion things I can do with it for me and my clients.   Now that I am thinking like an I-Squarer I can't wait to see it help grow my business."

    Tanya, Real Estate Agent, GA

  • "This I-Square is just unbelievable.  The things I can do with it is crazy."

    Troy, Real Estate Broker, CO

Video explanation highlighting the advantages of an I-Square real estate agent website.